Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day Of The Dead

We wrap up our month-long tribute to George A. Romero with the final film of the original Dead Trilogy, Day Of The Dead (1985). Dismissed by many as too talky and heavy-handed, co-host Jeffery Heatherly and I, through our discussion, come to the conclusion that this is unfair. We reflect on Tom Savini's unbelievable gore effects, the film's depiction of the military, a very '80s soundtrack and performances that include a truly hammy mad scientist and the most soulful zombie in history.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dawn Of The Dead

Our month-long tribute to George A. Romero continues as co-host G. Warlock Vance and I discuss Dawn Of The Dead (1978), considered by many the best film of the original Dead Trilogy. The conversation takes some surprisingly intellectual turns as we discuss the inability of mankind to band together, a possible reason for our culture's current obsession with zombies and a realistic imagining of a zombie outbreak. Less philosophical topics include bad horror soundtracks, how Tom Savini created the impressive gore effects and the history of the zombie film.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Night Of The Living Dead

Today celebrated filmmaker George A. Romero, the "Grandfather of the Zombie," turns 70. To celebrate, Cinemantics is bringing you a full month of episodes devoted to his work. We start things off with the film that put Romero on the map, Night Of The Living Dead (1968). Co-host Jeffery Heatherly and I discuss its unrelenting bleakness, shocking (for the time period) violence and how it singlehandedly created the classic cultural perception of zombies. Even after all these years, they're still coming to get you, Barbra!